Anti-Dandruff Epigenetic Shampoo 250ml


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Anti-Dandruff Epigenetic Shampoo 250ml by Nuggela & Sulé


The Anti-Dandruff Specialist Shampoo prevents and eliminates oily and dry dandruff. Due to its epigenetic action it strengthens the hair and improves its quality in each wash.

With Red Onion ExtractPiroctone OlamineSalts from the Dead Sea and Marine Glycogen, active ingredients that strengthens and improves hair quality.


· Eliminates and prevents the appearance of dandruff
· Restores and hydrates the skin of the scalp
· Soothes itching
· Extra shine and volume
· Anti-hair loss action and strengthens


· For all types of dandruff treatments (both oily and dry)
· It can be used daily
· For better effectiveness we advise not to alternate its use with other shampoos


Dandruff is a condition generally induced by a disorder in the scalp and can cause irritation and itching. These latter conditions can also affect the hair follicle, leading to weakening of the hair and even hair loss.


  1. Pour the product into the palm of your hand
  2. Rub hands until emulsified
  3. Apply on hair and scalp
  4. Evenly massage for a few minutes
  5. Rinse thoroughly with water, and repeat the operation a second time to enhance the results

modo de uso champus

BY FOLLOWING THESE STEPS: you can prepare and activate the shampoo’s ingredients in your handThen, you can evenly distribute the shampoo on your hair and scalp, which will create more lather and make it easier to massage your scalp.

*None of Nuggela & Sulé’s products leave any sort of onion smell.


  • Wash exclusively with the Anti-Dandruff Epigenetic Shampoo for at least 3 weeks (1 month if possible) for a better experience.

(*)Do not worry if, during the first couple of days, you notice that your hair is not as soft. This is normal, as it is a treatment shampoo with a high concentration of active ingredients. After a short period of use, your hair will balance its natural action, improving its shine and volume.